Webinar: "What it takes" Guide Overview


Tuesday, May 3: "What it Takes" Guide Overview -- a Center on School Turnaround(CST) at WestEd webinar from 2 to 3 PM EDT
This webinar will reference the CST resource guide "What it Takes" for a Turnaround: Principal Competencies that Matter for Student Achievement - A Guide to Thoughtfully Identifying and Supporting Turnaround Leaders. This session is designed to discuss the behavioral event interview (BEI) and turnaround leader competencies. In this guide, we explain how each of these can support the turnaround endeavor and it takes an in-depth look at how they might be used in practice. Lastly, this session is designed to explore how sev­eral districts and states use these research-based processes to improve selection as well as other human resource functions, such as school assignment and professional development.  

Register: http://www.schoolturnaroundsupport.org/webinars/how-can-successful-turnaround-be-defined


Event Time: 
May 2016