Webinar: School Climate and Culture and Solutions for Student Success

Wednesday, September 7, The Missing Link: School Climate and Culture and Solutions for Student Success - an Education Week webinar from 2 to 3 PM EDT

In a new study, more than 90 percent of educators agree that behavioral issues impede student learning and that academic interventions can't be successful if behavioral issues aren't addressed. Yet, few actually record behaviors for all students or analyze these data. What's the reason for this disconnect and what can be done about it? Join our conversation with Jonathan Cohen, president and co-founder of the National School Climate Center, and David Hardy, deputy superintendent of academics at St. Louis Public Schools, about the interplay between student behavior, social/emotional learning, school culture, and academic success. We'll examine how small data can play a big role in student learning and school improvement, and explore how technology can be used to gain insight into what's happening behind classrooms doors. Let's crack the code of student success!


-- Jonathan Cohen, president and co-founder, National School Climate Center, New York, N.Y.

-- David Hardy, deputy superintendent of academics, St. Louis Public Schools, St. Louis, Mo.

-- Kristen Harmeling, partner, YouGov

This webinar will be moderated by Holly Yettick, director, Education Week Research Center




Event Time: 
September 2016