Webinar: Improving Graduation Rates

 Friday, September 9, Improving Graduation Rates: Predictive Analytics in Action - an Education Week webinar from 3 to 4 PM EDT

Dropping out is a process-not a single event. Disengaged students at risk for dropping out of school typically show warning signs years before the actual event occurs. However, many early warning systems only begin to identify at-risk students in late middle school or early high school and cannot detect discrete signs of risk in early grades.


West Virginia has been able to increase graduation rates by 5 percent over the last two years using information from a next generation predictive analytics early warning system. In this webinar you'll learn:

-- What predictive analytics is and how it works

-- The differences between threshold and predictive analytics systems

-- How to identify at-risk students as early as first grade with 90 percent accuracy

-- Why states should move to a predictive analytics system

-- How our guest successfully deployed a statewide early warning system

-- The cost savings that can be realized with early identification and intervention



Kristal Ayres, director of professional services, BrightBytes

Michele Blatt, chief accountability officer, division of school effectiveness, West Virginia Department of Education

This webinar will be moderated by Holly Yettick, director, Education Week Research Center

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Event Time: 
September 2016